Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Zambia!

Arrived safely Feb. 18 after 3 planes & 9 time zones. Located on the outskirts of Kitwe, Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation (MEF) includes a social work school, 2 theological seminaries, a peace training center, an administration building, and scattered dorms & cottages for students, staff, & volunteers. A YWCA is also part of the compound. Most of the teachers are African, from Zambia & surrounding countries.
I will live in a small apartment on campus and will mostly teach and develop curriculum in the social work program, established last year out of the recognition of the need for more people trained in community development, program management, and services for vulnerable children.
The people of Zambia are welcoming, gracious, soft-spoken. The country is very poor but stable politically. Kitwe is in the copperbelt, and mining is the main industry for the country. I think it would be a great place to come as a tourist, since there are national parks all over. The only well-known tourist destination would be Victoria Falls, but there is lots more to see. So come visit!
Internet connections are difficult, so be patient if you send me an email message. I will write more about my work in the next week or so.

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